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What's New - Click on Richland County PRC Biennium Plan to access the document for - Effective 2017-2019.

Public Comment - Richland County Job & Family Services is making the Richland County PRC (Prevention, Retention and Contingency) Biennium Plan available for public comment through the period beginning August 28, 2017 and ending September 26, 2017.  Prevention, Retention Contingency (PRC) services are services to assist families in moving toward self-sufficiency.  Services and benefits made available through this plan meet the Federal definition of "non-assistance" and may assist families in dealing with specific crisis situations such as evictions or utility shut-offs, or may provide supportive services to help families obtain or maintain employment.

You may submit written comments regarding the plan to Assistant Director Lori Bedson, Richland County Job & Family Services, 183 Park Ave East, Mansfield, Ohio 44902, or by fax to Lori Bedson at 419-774-5380.

The final plan will be reviewed for signature by Richland County Job & Family Services Director Sharlene Neumann and reviewed for certification by the Richland County Board of Commissioners.


PRC (Prevention, Retention, and Contingency) is a program designed to help families in different levels of need. Participants may only need help to get past an initial barrier in order to work

PRC provides temporary help for a family while they are getting back on their feet due to unforeseen hardships. Each county designs its own PRC program to meet the needs of local families. PRC can help individuals keep jobs or help them get better jobs.


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