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You may qualify for time-limited cash assistance through the Ohio Works First (OWF) program if you are working or participating in training to develop skills that will help you become self-sufficient.

Do I Qualify?

Eligibility for Ohio Works First is based on the family’s income and the number of people living in the household. Women who are at least six months pregnant, families with minor children and minor children living in an approved living arrangement may be eligible.

The best way to find out if you qualify is to apply.

For additional information on general Program Enrollment & Benefit Information please click here.

Some individuals are not eligible to receive cash assistance. Those individuals include, but are not limited to:

  • Fugitive felons
  • Probation/parole violators
  • Individuals convicted of residence fraud
  • Individuals that receive SSI

What Verifications May Be Needed/Requested?

  • Age - (Birth Certificate, Baptismal Record, Hospital Record)
  • Identification - (Driver’s License or State ID)
  • Proof of citizenship, or Legal Alien Status - (BC, BR, Passport, Cert. of Naturalization)
  • Social Security Number - SS Card
  • Residence - Lease Agreement, rent receipt, postmarked letter
  • Proof of all income - (employment, child support, disability, unemployment, etc.)
  • Proof of disability - (if applicable)
  • Child Support Assignment (Automatic assignment for application for or receipt of OWF)
  • Additional verification may be requested or required

A list of acceptable verification documents can be found here.

Work Activity Requirements:

Residents participating in Ohio Works First are required to meet a certain number of work or volunteer hours each week. Work required individuals will work closely with program case managers who will assist them in reducing barriers to employment.

In addition to working closely with case managers, work required individuals may work closely with other community agencies to receive work experience opportunities, supportive services and training opportunities.

The Ohio EPPICard

Once families have been approved for cash assistance, they can receive monthly payments in two ways:

  • Through direct deposit into their bank account
  • On the Ohio EPPICard

How Does the Card Work?

The card looks similar to and works like a credit or debit card. Your payments are automatically loaded onto the card and can be used at MasterCard®, ATM and retailer locations in Ohio to make purchases or receive cash.

Learn More:

To find out more about the Ohio EPPIcard or access your balance and transaction history, visit the Ohio EPPICard website.

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