Medicaid Services

When you can’t afford private health insurance, Medicaid covers you and your family for basic health care services such as doctor visits, prescription drugs, and mental health and substance abuse treatments.

Learn more about how Richland County Job & Family Services can help you get covered.

Do I Qualify?

Richland County Job & Family Services determines eligibility for Medicaid programs that provide health care coverage to:

  • Individuals with low-income
  • Pregnant women, infants, and children
  • Older adults
  • Individuals with disabilities

To be eligible for coverage, you must:

  • Be a US citizen or meet Medicaid citizenship requirements
  • Have or applied for a social security number
  • Be an Ohio Resident
  • Meet financial requirements (income guideline may be found here.

What Verifications Are Needed?

Conditions of Eligibility & Required Verifications

  • Provide Social Security # - SS Card
  • Must be an Ohio Resident - Lease Agreement, rent receipt, postmarked letter
  • Must be a Citizen or Qualified Alien - BC, BR, Passport, Cert. of Naturalization)
  • Must attain available income or show good cause.
  • Assign to the state of Ohio any rights to medical support and payments for medical care from any 3rd party.
  • Cooperate with Child Support Enforcement Agency in establishing paternity unless exceptions are met.
  • Must provide verifications of existing health insurance.
  • Proof of all Income - (employment, child support, disability, unemployment, etc.) if requested.
  • Proof of Disability - (if applicable)
  • Additional verification may be requested or required

Managed Care Plans

In Ohio, most individuals who have Medicaid must join a managed care plan to receive their health care. Managed care plans are health insurance companies that are licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance and have a provider agreement with the Ohio Department of Medicaid to provide coordinated health care to Medicaid beneficiaries. These managed care plans work with hospitals, doctors and other health care providers to coordinate care and to provide the health care services that are available with an Ohio Medicaid card.

Once you are approved for Medicaid, you will receive information in the mail to help you select a managed care plan. Managed Care plans act just like regular health insurance. Once you are enrolled in a managed care plan, you should receive a new card in the mail.

You will have the opportunity to change managed care plans during open enrollment each November. For more information regarding Managed Care Plans you may contact the Department of Medicaid Consumer Hotline at 800-324-8680 Mon-Fri 7am-8pm and Sat 8am-5pm or visit them on the web at

Medicaid For Individuals/Expansion

Ohio is now accepting applications for Medicaid under the expanded guidelines implemented under the Affordable Care Act.

Medicaid Expansion expands Medicaid eligibility to 133% of the Federal Poverty Level and includes adults without children (under age 65). Gross monthly income is used to determine eligibility. See the chart below to determine if you might qualify for Medicaid under expansion based on your household size and income.

Federal Poverty Level (FPL)  listed is effective 10-1-2023

Household Size

2023 - 133% of FPL (gross monthly income) 











Nursing Home/Waiver

  • Medicaid provides long-term care services for individuals in Nursing Facilities (NFs) and Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) for the mentally disabled.
  • Home and Community-Based Services Waivers provide home health care to individuals who wish to stay in their home but otherwise need institutional care. The number of consumers that can be enrolled in a waiver program at any one time is limited.
  • Income and resources will be evaluated by an Eligibility Referral Specialist


If you are not eligible for MAGI Medicaid, not receiving SSI, and are 65+ and/or blind/disabled with no SSI, you may still be eligible for Medicaid.

Older Adults and People with Disabilities

Who is covered?2023 Income and
Gross Income*Resources*
Older Adults
(65 or older)
& Disabled People
(any age)
Uses Federal Benefit Rate$914$1,371$2,000$3,000

* Some eligibility categories have various resource tests. Deductions and exemptions apply.

Medicare Premium Assistance (MPAP)

Medicare is different from Medicaid. Medicare is the federal health insurance program for persons age 65 and older, and to some persons of all ages who have a disability. The Medicare Premium Assistance Program (MPAP) is a program for Medicare consumers whose income is too high to qualify for Medicaid. This program helps people eligible for Medicare who have limited income and assets get help in paying the cost of one or more of the following:

  • Medicare premium(s)
  • Medicare deductibles
  • Medicare coinsurance

No face-to-face interview is needed to apply for the Medicare Premium Assistance Program. Consumers may call 800-324-8680 for an application or apply through Richland County Job & Family Services.


  • Be eligible for Medicare;
  • Be a U.S. citizen or meet Medicaid citizenship requirements;
  • Be an Ohio resident;
  • Have or get a social security number; and
  • Meet certain financial requirements

When applying for MPAP, proof of income, resources, age or disability, citizenship (if not a U.S. citizen) and other health insurance is required. Applicants can ask an authorized representative to apply on their behalf.

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